The next big road trip – Argentina

Chile Time to unplug and see what’s out there. Overland Travel down the Pan-America highway South America… Argentina Covering most of the southern portion of the South American continent. The world’s eighth-largest country, Argentina, occupies an area more extensive than Mexico and the state of Texas combined. It encompasses immense plains, deserts, tundra, forests, tall […]

The next big road trip – Peru

Ecuador & Peru Stop Buying Things & Start Doing Things!!! Overlanding down the Pan-America highway South America… With five countries connected through half a dozen borders that require no difficulty or expensive nor extensive paperwork for your overland vehicle, overland travel in South America is attractive.Drive across the vast plains of Patagonia, watch wildlife along […]

The ideal socially distant vacation

Have you heard the term’ Overlanding before? Overlanding is a vehicle trend that merges off-roading and camping, where you focus more on the journey than the destination. Overlanding is an exciting way to travel and see new places. It might be the ideal socially distant vacation strategy!  A typical Overlanding trip could involve pulling the […]

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